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Jeth was one of two-dozen Knights immediately sent from Ossus in pursuit of the pirates, several of whose starships were encountered and pursued through the Hyabb-Twith Corridor to their headquarters on the planet Voon.Severe damage was dealt to the Nelori stronghold, and most of those stationed therein were killed.Warily they came upon a crudely cut, sloped corridor which led to a cavernous antechamber that passed into an adjacent chamber, where Jeth once again sensed a dark coldness permeating their surroundings.Suddenly, the antechamber erupted with blaster fire as more than two hundred Nelori Marauders attacked the enclosed Jedi, killing four immediately.The Jedi Master returned to his praxeum on Arkania, where he trained Doneeta alongside many others, including brothers Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma, the latter of whom Jeth regarded as his most gifted student.The Arkanian Jedi sent Doneeta and the brothers Qel-Droma in 4000 BBY to settle a civil dispute on the planet Onderon between the citizens of the capital city of Iziz, and the exiled Beast Riders of the planet's wilderness.Jeth stretched out with the Force and sensed that below the Nelori stronghold was a mass of indistinguishably tangled and entwined life, the likes of which he had never felt before.Jeth cautioned his fellow Jedi, and together they descended deep into the subterranean caverns that pocketed Voon's crust.

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Their forces were soundly defeated by the sorcery of the Krath, however, and the Jedi Assembly organized a mass-gathering on the planet Deneba in response, to discuss the growing dark side threat.Jeth was then chosen to lead two dozen Jedi Knights to combat the Nelori Marauders, whose quest of terror and piracy spanned throughout the Hyabb-Twith Corridor.The Marauders were defeated through Jeth's use of Jedi battle meditation, a rarely seen Force ability that simultaneously invigorated his allies and demoralized his enemies.Together, the Jedi converged upon the Nelori stronghold, only to find it seemingly deserted.

Troubled by the suspicious absence of the enemy, the Jedi wondered how the Marauders could have escaped the planet beneath their notice.The Arkanian Master proved himself again when he ended the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant through a demonstration of "mechu macture": the incapacitation of droids via the Force.

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